Monday, 30 March 2009

Fear of blogging

I had an interesting discussion with someone about the concept of openness that underpins blogs today. I was running through the basics of blogging highlighting their public nature and their initial reaction was one of concern about privacy and fear of revealing using information gained against you somehow. This is not an unusual reaction.

It seems that the climate of fear often exists around all the tools within social networking. These fears are often based on isolated incidents which get disproportionate coverage. Our response to something new which we don't understand is often fear and to dismiss things in this way is human nature. I know I've done it.

With regard to blogging, I'm hopeful that I won't get bitten by the fear bug as I see as a vital part of my learning process. Alan Levine gives a useful perspective which made me feel better. Basically, don't be worried about comments you made ages ago which might now be embarrassing to you. It would be impossible not to have that reaction sometimes. Maybe one day I'll look back on this post in that regard. Downes is right when he says - if you are caught out by inappropriate behaviour why should it be ok if this behaviour is occurring within the sanctity of a classroom.

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