Tuesday, 31 March 2009


I’ve been skimming through the new White paper by Oracle. It is essentially trying to flog their Academic Enterprise architecture which is trying to solve the problem is poor integration within IT system across educational organisations. This is certainly a big issue wherever I have worked. It is easy to get to the situation where a registrar department can hold total control over whether a student’s can access their VLE. On the surface, this is as it should be. But what happens when the system doesn’t work and someone who should be able to access can’t? Or the system is not flexible enough to cater for unusual circumstances? As someone who works in promoting the e-learning you just shrug your shoulders. The issue can easily become the biggest barrier in the take of a VLE (for example) with academic staff. If they can’t trust the access why invest time in incorporating it into their teaching.

Architecture is key and I don’t know enough about it to solve it. What this highlights is the importance of the collaboration and buy-in across departments and senior management to facilitate successful Learning Technology.

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