Friday, 16 July 2010

Word Cloud of this blog

I did a wordle of this blog which is now sitting on the front page. There are no real surprises. Learning is the biggest word which makes sense. I always intended this blog to be about my learning so I use this word in this context and in the context of using technology for learning. Technologies is second which is an obvious dominant theme. The important point for me is that when thinking about technology in education thinking about the learning should always come first. Any technology is there to act as an appropriate communication tool through which the learning can take place. It's all about informed decision making when it comes to choosing the right tool (be it online, offline, face-to-face etc). This is where educators need help. Making an informed decision is hindered by lack of training, training that concentrates too much on how to use a technology or a pedagogical model, and not having the time and space to undertake reflection and course design.


  1. These are significant words. No one seems to allow for any time for reflection. I am a teacher educator and I emphasise reflection. However, the courses I teach are over assessed - so trainees have no real time for reflection. Similarly, they are in-service teachers who are overworked and stressed by crazy bureaucracy - so no real time for reflection.

  2. Thanks for posting these comments Khorshed. Yes, over assessment can get in the way of reflection. I think over assessment can get in the way of a lot of things. Reflection is often not built into teaching and learning in any case. This is a shame and technologies like blogs or e-portfolios can help with this process. Of course, you can reflect without technology but these tools can be used as places to articulate this reflection or indeed evidence of reflection. Also, there's a sense that designing use of such tools into your courses gives reflection a level of validity in the eyes of the learners. Perhaps anyway.