Friday, 26 October 2012

Ipads for teaching and learning - my strategy

I wrote a few months ago about how I was planning to use this space for regular reflections on the use of ipads in education.  Now that I've starting running workshop using ipads, I'm in a position to start this off in ernest.  This is the first such post. 

My context is that I now have 15 ipad2s I got funded to run some income generating sessions (described in point 1 below).  However, I will try and do other things with them to enhance the practice of colleagues within my HE institution.

This is how I aim to promote the use of ipads in education:

1. By running workshops inviting teachers to come and try out a sample of apps and think about using them for teaching and learning

The idea is to run workshops along similiar lines to the 21st Century tools for teaching and learning session where I present and demonstrate different tools types whilst they practice for themselves on carefully selected apps which exemplify each tool type. I'll market it to London schools. 

2. Within the Institute of Education, London (where I work) for enhancing personal productivity

My plan is to give them to colleagues for use in the workplace. I'll promote this by populating devices with relevant apps and teaching them how they could use them.  I'll concentrate on my department initially but hope to set up an institution wide Special Interest Group. 

3. Within the Institute of Education to enhance teaching and learning

A longer term goal which flows naturally from the workshops I run.  Generally, schools are more receptive to innovative use of learning technologies than Higher Education and I predict this will be the case with tablets.  However, I aim to promote their use in our lectures with colleagues.

So that's my strategy as I start.  More to follow....

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